TGIF: A cup of chai

I haven’t done a TGIF post in a while but I could really use a laugh right now so I finished this draft from a few weeks ago…

The Hero and I have developed a routine since I joined my new workplace. After I drop Chotu at school each morning I stop at The Hero’s office and we share a cup of chai at their kiosk. The Hero loves his morning chai. Sort of like this gentleman here:


You might remember that I’m more of a coffee drinker but the coffee at the kiosk is quite awful. And so:


We each get a cup of tea, I buy a biscuit to go with mine, and we share a few moments of peace.

Source: Times City
Source: Times City

Until disaster strikes, at any rate:


See? That’s what happens when you buy the wrong kind of biscuit!
Parle-G Meme for Saturday

I know, I know…


But hey, these are real first world problems. Mine are ok.


So while I appreciate spending time with The Hero over a cup of chai, I don’t quite agree with this:

Because for me the hierarchy is more like this:

TGIF? I guess! I’m working this weekend. What about you?

Bonus for all my lovely readers:

You are a cutie pie!

TGIF! – Chennai’s approach to religion

We in Chennai aren’t particular about which gods we worship (or occasionally don’t). We have a kovil in every lane – sometimes even two! We pay our respects to all divine entities and display no prejudice. But our real religion is our coffee-tiffin. Every eatery in the city has a patron deity and every deity’s devotees patronize a particular “pure-veg hotel” (occasionally even “High Class Veg”).

If you’re in Mylapore, visit Lord Shiva at the Kapaleeshwar temple. And then check out the Karpagambal mess.

Sources: Wikipedia and The Hindu
Sources: Wikipedia and The Hindu

If you are more of a materialist, drop in on Lord Vishnu at the Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane and once you’ve enjoyed the prasad, Follow the crowds to Ratna Cafe.

Sources: Wikipedia &

Church goers, head for mass at Besant Nagar’s very famous church then cross the road to Murugan Idli. Do not miss the sweet pongal.

Souces: Annai Vailankanni Shrine,
Souces: Annai Vailankanni Shrine,

Any pantheists out there? You can worship the universe one dosa at a time. (Please, don’t get pedantic about the definition of pantheist on a Friday afternoon!)

Source: Unknown recesses of the internet

I haven’t forgotten my fellow agnostics. How can we really overrule the possibility of a creator for as long as such beauty exists?

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Atheists, I understand how you feel. It’s hard to believe in a loving and fair god who allows this abomination to pollute our sacred soil

Source: The Hindu
Source: The Hindu

And now I’m hungry! Well done, Goddess… Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

You know, the hardest thing about writing these posts is trying to find a synonym for awesome. See you back here on Monday! Bring along a friend or two 😉

TGIF? Not really

All I have for this week is interesting looking recipe for Tulsi Rasam. I spent the most of the week moping around for come Monday I head back to the grid. Sigh! These three months were blissful…

Have a great weekend, folks! The three of us are driving out to a nearby beach resort this weekend before Monday kills it all.