TGIF – of Processes and Agile

For my new project I’m back to engineering. Not any old engineering, we’re doing scrum. For those of you who don’t know what Scrum is, this simple diagram will help.


Still not clear what it means? Here’s the fuzzy unicorn Wikipedia version of things.

The idea behind scrum is to remove all non-value-adding tasks and focus only on delivering maximum functionality while minimizing technical debt. What does that mean?


In case you’re not clear, here’s a brief training session.


But.. But.. Isn’t scrum all about the team? How does everyone learn what the others are doing? Well, for that there is something called a “Stand-Up”meeting.


Now, a team that’s empowered is a team that delivers. Therefore, an agile project has no external deadlines. The team estimates how long a task will take. There’s never any pressure. Really!


As time goes by, you might have questions. You might want to discuss something technical with a team member who’s standing right next to you in the daily stand-up meeting.


Aww, shucks! So what do we do? We have another meeting!


And then another. And another until…


Ultimately, because you “estimated”, you still have to deliver your code. And so.


If you’re the lucky scrum-master or team lead, you might have to update other leads about your project so that people stay updated on the “big picture”


Now you understand everything there is to know about Scrum and Agile. Consider yourself trained!


Have a great weekend everyone! The first real weekend of 2016 🙂

TGIF: A cup of chai

I haven’t done a TGIF post in a while but I could really use a laugh right now so I finished this draft from a few weeks ago…

The Hero and I have developed a routine since I joined my new workplace. After I drop Chotu at school each morning I stop at The Hero’s office and we share a cup of chai at their kiosk. The Hero loves his morning chai. Sort of like this gentleman here:


You might remember that I’m more of a coffee drinker but the coffee at the kiosk is quite awful. And so:


We each get a cup of tea, I buy a biscuit to go with mine, and we share a few moments of peace.

Source: Times City
Source: Times City

Until disaster strikes, at any rate:


See? That’s what happens when you buy the wrong kind of biscuit!
Parle-G Meme for Saturday

I know, I know…


But hey, these are real first world problems. Mine are ok.


So while I appreciate spending time with The Hero over a cup of chai, I don’t quite agree with this:

Because for me the hierarchy is more like this:

TGIF? I guess! I’m working this weekend. What about you?

Bonus for all my lovely readers:

You are a cutie pie!

TGIF! – I really want to write

But my husband is the scoldeds me for staying up so late everyday. I’ve been ordered to put away my laptop for the next few days. I was working on a really nice post for this week’s TGIF too… Anyhou, here’s the unfinished version:

Bollywood has only one type of good mother:

But there are two types of good fathers!

Stern but loving father of a son:

Loving but firm father of a daughter:

Source: Source:

Or, for Alok Nath v 2.0

Source: Twitter @Sin-Bad
Source: Twitter @Sin-Bad