Kiddie Tales: Train Story

Here’s the story behind the little painting I did last week:

One day, little Tux the penguin got into a train in Chennai station with his mother and father. They were going to Vijayawada.

The train said Toot! Toot! and started moving very fast. Tux looked out of the window and saw lots of trees, animals and houses. He asked his father, “Daddy, how does a train move?”

Tux’s dad said, “Tux, an engine makes the train go.”

Tux asked, “What is an engine?”

Tux’s dad said, “Oh! You don’t know what an engine is? I’ll take you to see it when the train stops in Nellore station”


When the train stopped, Tux and his father walked to the engine and knocked on the door. “Who is it? What do you want?” said the engine driver.

This is the part where Chotu really cracks up and goes “Babu! Babu is Engine Driver!” 🙂

Tux’s father asks, “Engine Driver, can we come inside?”

Babu says, “Ok, but you have to get down when we reach Ongole station. And Tux should not touch anything. It’s Danger!”

Then Babu driver showed them how the engine works.

Amma puts coal in the fire and steam comes out.

Nanna watches for piggies on the track and blows a whistle to keep them away (unfortunate consequence of my dad playing the Piggy on the Railway rhyme on YouTube).

Babu driver goes “Toot! Toot!”

At Ongole station the train stops. Old people get off and new people get in.

Tux and his dad say, “Thank you, Babu Driver!” and go back to their seat.

Then Babu Driver takes everyone to Vijayawada and goes to Tatha-Mamma’s house 🙂

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TGIF! – Choo Choo Train

I tried my hand at fabric painting for the first time since school. Here’s the result… An illustration for Chotu Singh’s favorite story on a pillowcase (story made up by me). All lines hand drawn since we don’t own a ruler!

Another outcome of my painting spree is Chotu’s new love of painting. Unsure whether to classify that as good or bad…


This week’s favourite read: Mors’ retelling of Cinderella 🙂 this version is kick ass!

There’s nothing new on Slashdot this week barring China’s moon mission. The most exciting post I read this week was the supposed security vulnerability in Microsoft’s wireless keyboards. I’m not sure how that was even news given this is standard man-in-the middle stuff with a USB charger rigged to sniff packets. Ok, I’ve surpassed my own geekiness. And since I have, Jaanu, remember to bring back that Ubuntu download from your office!

What else? Ooh! Discovered this chart on how to read Discworld books.

I hope to make a good dent in the series this year and start on Assimov too. I tried so many books too soon and gave up on whole genres because of that. This year I want to try re-reading some of them.

Just a thought, I love TGIF posts. They make me reflect on how the week was and will make great memories later 🙂

Note to self: The project is delivered to QA. Breathe now!