Kiddie Tales: It’s never too early to meet The Doctor

One day, Babu driver was driving a train through a forest. Amma was his helper.

In the middle of the forest they heard someone calling, “Help! Help!”

Amma and Babu went to see who needed help. They saw a large pit with two elephants inside.

Not two, Babu said. There are one, two, thwee, fowr, fowteen, twenty… infinity* elephants inside!

“Oh! Infinite elephants in a finite pit? It’s a Quantum Anomaly!”, Amma said. “Only P-Aunty** can understand it!”.

Amma called P-Aunty who came in and said, “It’s a crack in the fabric of spacetime. Elephants are coming in from the other side. You did the right thing by calling me.”


“Gasp! A crack? Do we need to call The Doctor?”, Amma said.

“P-Aunty is the doctor!”, Babu said.

Yes, indeed. Dr. P pulled out her sonic screwdriver, pushed the elephants back, and sealed up the crack.

Moral of the story?

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

* I taught Chotu the word infinity on a whim. The Hero had gone out of town for a couple of weeks and I wanted him to come back to a kid who said “Infinity”. This is how romance works in The Goddess household.

** Our resident quantum mechanic. We’re still looking for an engineer but she’ll do meanwhile

Kiddie Tales: Mir Salot learns to eat

Here’s a dinner time story that Chotu enjoyed. I just made it up as we went along and Chotu helped a bit too. It’s a bit over the top so enjoy… Before that, the rhyme:

Amma: There was once a king.

Chotu: King of where?

Amma: Umm… Hyderabad. (wondering if the kid even knows what a king is)

Chotu: Ok!

Amma: So the king and queen lived in a palace with their son

Chotu: What palace?

Amma: Umm… Falaknuma palace

Chotu: What was the boy’s name?

Amma: (searching wildly for a Nawabi name and failing miserably) Mir Salot!

Chotu: Ok!

Amma: So, Mir Salot would never eat

Chotu (opens his mouth wide): Nom Nom

Amma: His Amma’s hand got stuck like this (sticking arm out).

Chotu: Nom Nom

Amma: The King was very upset and he went out of the palace to ask people to feed Mir Salot

Chotu: (nom nom) Why?

Amma: Because the queen’s hand was stuck and Mir Salot was becoming very weak. So he said, if you feed Mir Salot, I’ll give you an ice cream. Did anyone come?

Chotu: (nom nom) No!

Amma: No! People said, we don’t want our hands to become like that. We won’t come

Chotu: (nom nom)

Amma: So the King took a mike and said “I’ll give 10 ice creams to anyone who feeds Mir Salot”

Chotu: (stops eating for a second) I want 15 ice creams

Amma: That’s why Babu didn’t go. He wanted 15 ice creams. Did anyone else go?

Chotu: (tiny nom) No!

Amma: Then the King went on TV and asked everyone to help him. One man said, “Go to Babu. He will help you”

Chotu: (giggling) Why?

Amma: Because Babu eats so well!

Chotu: (biggg nom) I want 15 ice creams

Amma: The King said he’ll give 15 ice creams and one steam engine if you help Mir Salot

Chotu: Yes! Yes!

Amma: So, Babu went to Mir Salot. They sat at the dining table and Babu brought two bowls.

Chotu: (rapt attention) What was there?

Amma: Sambar rice and curd rice. Sambar for Babu and Curd for Mir Salot

Chotu: (NOM! NOM! NOM!) Babu ate everything by himself!!

Amma: (smiling) Yes! He showed Mir Salot how to eat.

Chotu: (nomming excitedly) Gabagaba (fast-fast)

Amma: Yes. Mir Salot also learned to eat like Babu

Chotu: Not as good as Babu.

Amma: No, no, not as good as Babu but better than before, no?

Chotu: (final noms) Ok!

Amma: The King was very happy to see Mir Salot eating. So he said a big “Thank You” to babu

Chotu: Why?

Amma: Because now Mir Salot will also become big and strong and tall and clever. (Adds hastily) But not as much as Babu because Babu eats much more than Mir Salot.

Chotu: I’m done dun.

Amma: Yep! Done dun!

Obviously, The Hero thinks I was a bit over the top with the preaching but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenting, it’s that subtlety has no place for now. Besides, Chotu was arguing at the very next re-telling saying Mir Salot wasn’t wrong. He was just not hungry.

Kiddie Tales – Where is My Cake?

Here’s a story that works well for very young children. It’s like a younger child’s equivalent of a mystery and the idea is to let them play along and solve the “crime” ūüôā Chotu gets excited each time¬†without fail.

Note:¬†All stories involve Tux’s Amma because Chotu’s Amma’s the one making up the stories. Occasionally the dad surfaces too but he’s not as¬†popular with Chotu¬†ūüėČ

One day Tux and his Amma went to the bakery to buy a piece of cake. After coming home Tux ate lunch and took a nap.

Source: Happy Birthday Linux
Source: Happy Birthday Linux


When Tux¬†woke up he¬†asked Amma, “Amma, where is my cake?”

Amma replied, “Tux, I put away the cake when you were sleeping. Can you find it?”¬†Two villians in Chotu’s life make an appearance here – a pair of¬†large black ants named Chimpu and Dimpu. Chotu knows that food lying around attracts ants and it must be put away and so, he’ll get excited at this point and say, “Otherwise Chimpu and Dimpu¬†will come!”

Tux started looking for the cake. “Is it in the balcony?”, he asked Amma. [Giggles from Chotu] “No”, said Amma. “We dry clothes in the balcony.”

“Is it in the bedroom under the bed?”, asked Tux. “No, we sleep in the bedroom and we never put food there”, said Amma.¬†[more giggles from Chotu]

“Is it on the dining table?”, asked Tux. But there was only a bowl of fruit on the dining table.¬†[Even more giggles from Chotu since our dining table is folded all day]

“Is it in the washing machine? [substitute any other very funny¬†place here]”, asked Tux. “Tux! That is silly! Does anyone put food in the washing machine?”, asked Amma. [massive laughter from Chotu]

“Is it in the kitchen/fridge [substitute as appropriate in your home]”, asked Tux. “Yes!”, said Amma. “We put the cake in the fridge so that it stays tasty”. [let your child guess s/he will love “cracking” the mystery of the missing cake]

Then Tux and Amma share-shared the cake. But no matter whose cake it is, Chotu gets the cherry.

The End!