TGIF! – I am so special!

(just like the other 172,063 others who like this word porn)

“You’re like an onion”, The Hero said the other day as we were talking about ourselves.

“You mean I stink?”, I replied.

He gave up. When we’re both quoting an animated movie from 15 years ago, we know we need a break. He’s right, though. I am multi-layered and complex. I’m the mysterious black magic woman Santana warned you about.

Look, here’s  some word porn to prove how different I am…

If someone thinks I’m as mysterious as all that, I’d never argue with them. Why should I? It’s  like disputing a good horoscope.

How about this one? Look how sensitive I am:

How profound. It absolves me of complete responsiblity for killing a relationship. I don’t just like it. I love it. I’m so sensitive I should have a special allowance for passive aggressive bleepiness. 

You can sometimes couple this stuff with some pseudo-scientific psycho-mumbo-jumbo.

Again, I’m so special and sensitive, see?  If I have an unhealthy approach to conflict it’s  only because it’s in-built and I’m the  rarest of the rare personality types.

It doesn’t matter that the framework is widely debunked and unreliable.

By God I am speshul. Word porn tells me so.

My zodiac sign tells me so

 Being a woman is an automatic ticket.

Being a mom makes me super duper, duper special

I don’t know if any generation has ever endured this level of onslaught of motivation and reassurances of being special. I’m exhausted. I don’t want to be special. I don’t need to be reassured how amazing I am. Firstly, being unique means nothing

Secondly, everyone and everything can’t be special. Here’s the dictionary meaning of special:

distinguished by some unusual quality; especially :  being in some way superior 

Special is literally going the way of literally. It’s getting to the point where the word has no meaning anymore

TGIF! – First World Problems

I wake up in the morning, open my eye a crack. What time is it? 6am. Do I need to wake up yet? No, not yet. I can go back to sleep.


The alarm goes off. It’s 7am. I check my email with one eye open.


All is well in the India office. Nice! I wake up, consider the day ahead – meetings? Calls? Meetings? Nope, the highlight of the day is…


Not just any lunch. A “get to know people” lunch. Sigh! I resign myself to my fate. Here, I’m not the person who takes calls and sometimes codes.


Here I am the consultant. I must dress like one.


I pull out a skirt and a blouse. And then, a pair of heels. I like the heels, they’re wedges. But the skirt means I need to shave my legs. Aargh! No, really. I did the flowchart!

Click to enlarge. It’s hilarious!

Oh well, I dress the part. A white blouse, a grey skirt, tan heels, blow-dried hair, pink lipstick, lined eyes, moisturized elbows (yes, people notice), extra moisturized hands (lots of handshakes coming up), smile into the mirror, pack your mints, and done!


All to for what?


I am so ready for Friday. TGIF! my friends in India who won’t post comments you meanie beanies. I have another day to go.


TGIF – In the company of feminists

I’ve never seen as many kick-ass women in one place as I have here at my current  workplace.

There are many positives to being around strong, confident women.Someone will always step up and take charge. Someone will always volunteer to take on responsibility. It’s comforting.


Every single woman here understands what feminism means.


We’re all quite vocal about our beliefs too. We’re always looking for converts to our cause.


And the guys here are feminists too, for most part. Instead of being like this


They’re more like this


Guys here understand that dating a feminist has its perks (haven’t witnessed an office romance yet, though).


Women under pressure from their families to get married don’t cave in and marry the first guy their parents like because


And for most part we intend to have fulfilling careers.


And do pretty much what we like


We’re picky about our movies


And call it as we see it. I think k it might be because we love Mindy


What do you think?


Honestly, I think we’re the desi versions of Tina and Amy