#SariShaming – Ugh!

So much stupidity in one place!

  1. Not being able to walk in a sari. The woman can presumably walk in heels. If not, she’d be practicing till she learned how to…
  2. The “tee hee hee” I’m such a klutz vibe. Shut up, you’re a grown woman! Learn to check for toilet paper on your outfit before you leave the restroom.
  3. Shut shaming. So, if a guy stares at you when you’re in a mini it’s the guys fault. Guy stares at you when you’re in a sari it’s the sari’s fault? What the…? (Hint, it’s the guy’s fault both times)
  4. If women pass judgement on your outfit it’s their fault. Not your outfit’s. Oh wait, Western attire = liberal and sari = aunty. Right? And also, aunty = bad thing, right? So God forbid people think you’re an aunty.

I’m so tired of sari shaming. And the general shaming of Indian attire. Why do women turn up in bland Western business suits for interviews with an Indian company in India? Why has that idiotic black jacket come to symbolize professionalism?

This video captures everything wrong with Indian media today. If the sari were replaced by any other outfit the video would be considered horrendously offensive (and rightly so). But if someone makes a video like this about an outfit hundreds of millions of women around the country wear and someone complains it’s suddenly the “right wingers” who cannot take a joke.

I don’t expect anyone else to share my love for saris. That said, I still think the video sucks. Does that make me a right winger? Or does it just mean I have the capacity for critical thinking? Is there a remedy avaliable for a colonial hangover?

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