I need my voice

I know it’s only been a month since my dramatic announcement but given the events of the last few months in Chennai* and the world at large, I think that now more than ever it’s important for citizens to have a voice. Blogs are important.

Instead of turning inwards to understand myself, however, I think I need to now look outwards and describe the world around me. We all have our ways of making sense of the madness around us. Some of us read, some talk, some obsessively pore over the news, some turn to history, some just tightly clutch a fantasy of a fast disappearing world… Some of us are curiously detached as we silently plot our tiny data points about the world around us and join them to form our own views of what is happening.

I think observers ought to start documenting their observations now. We need to start taking a look at the world without slapping on binary labels – Bhakt/Congi, Capitalist/Socialist, Feminist/Misogynist, Right Winger/Liberal, Jallikattu supporter/ traitor, and so on. Instead, we need to try and objectively understand what drives people.

Who knows? Perhaps in some post-apocalyptic world where nothing but Google’s caches survive we bloggers might be the sole means for future historians to understand the world. There will be plenty of artifacts to describe events that happened,of course, but blogs, journals and diaries will be the sole means of knowing what people truly lived through.

So I’m going to take V’s advice and write more. But about different things now. Let’s see where the blog leads…

* Demonetization, Amma’s death, cyclone Vardah, Jallikattu protests, and now #OPSvsSasikala 

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  1. Good decision!
    The disconnect is that you think this is your best and you want to be appreciated for it. Rather, its just a ‘Lab’ (..the connotations…I know) wherein you try out different things to find out what it is – and perfect – YOUR style.
    I mean your articles are boring, rant-like, with borrowed (Amrikaan) ) cliches (‘Meh’ – I want to hit you when you use that. My sanskars stop me.). The few which are boderline entertaiing remind me of cracked.com
    Where is YOUR style in all this?

    Write more. The oneWhoShallNotBeNames (because I dont know his name) did not ‘crawl through’ to ‘being rich’ by ‘ignoring chemistry’.


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