TGIF! – First World Problems

I wake up in the morning, open my eye a crack. What time is it? 6am. Do I need to wake up yet? No, not yet. I can go back to sleep.


The alarm goes off. It’s 7am. I check my email with one eye open.


All is well in the India office. Nice! I wake up, consider the day ahead – meetings? Calls? Meetings? Nope, the highlight of the day is…


Not just any lunch. A “get to know people” lunch. Sigh! I resign myself to my fate. Here, I’m not the person who takes calls and sometimes codes.


Here I am the consultant. I must dress like one.


I pull out a skirt and a blouse. And then, a pair of heels. I like the heels, they’re wedges. But the skirt means I need to shave my legs. Aargh! No, really. I did the flowchart!

Click to enlarge. It’s hilarious!

Oh well, I dress the part. A white blouse, a grey skirt, tan heels, blow-dried hair, pink lipstick, lined eyes, moisturized elbows (yes, people notice), extra moisturized hands (lots of handshakes coming up), smile into the mirror, pack your mints, and done!


All to for what?


I am so ready for Friday. TGIF! my friends in India who won’t post comments you meanie beanies. I have another day to go.


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