Multi Tasking


I can now type blog posts on my phone while playing Carnatic music on YouTube. Technically, I’m actually writing this one because I’m using handwriting recognition. I’m also tracking my activity levels on a Fitbit and scheduling a movie to record on my DVR using an app. I confirmed my order for groceries on Big Basket. I interrupted my order to read the scanned pdf of a story written by my 7 year old niece. I felt a bit of sharing guilt after that so l shared a photo from my birthday with him and a few other family members. l then remembered I have to attend a wedding in 4 weeks and so I WhatsApped my blouse designing/embroidering/stitching lady in Vijayawada sharing a pic of the sari I want to wear so that she can get a blouse done and one of my MIL’s myriad helpers can ship it to me. When using split screen to the max I suddenly decided to take a screenshot and post it on my blog. After this I am going to add my birthday gift voucher from K and P on Amazon and buy a book off my wishlist. I’ll probably skim it on my phone before reading it on my Kindle.

And this my friends is the reason I have Computer Vision Syndrome

And oh, this apparently means I use my phone like a middle aged dude. Have you seen this quiz predicting age/income/gender using your apps?

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  1. So the quiz says “I am a married lady over 32”, sounds right. I guess what they mean is I don’t use many apps or ESPN 🙂

  2. You are a single guy older than 32 who makes more than $52,000/year

    Either you’re a single, middle-aged dude… or you use your phone like one.

    And I thought I used my phone too much, but you beat me Godess and still you are a middle aged dude??? 😮

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