Code Crushes

If you love coding, you’ll probably love this profanity notwithstanding:

Sometimes, you gotta love the code. When you think about it, reading someone’s code is a lot like reading their blog or their poetry. It gives you a deep insight into how they think. So why can’t you fall in love with someone who writes the most elegant, tight, Java method you’ve ever seen? Unless Java is the only language they know 😉

Have you watched Silicon Valley? I watched and loved the first season before they decided to kill HBO in India so I’ll have to go search for the second season online. Sigh! I have such streaming inertia…

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  1. I am stuck home after my surgery. After 2 years of almost no tv ( parenting is busy work!) I am now streaming netflix through the days. I finished all seasons of gilmore girls followed by good wife and now starting downtown abbey. While the dear husband puts baby to sleep on his own. Even surgeries have their silver lining:)

    1. Aww! Get well soon! I’m going to have to DVR these now. Thanks for the suggestion. As I type this, dad and kiddo are fast asleep all cuddled up 🙂

    1. Heh! It’s funnier to those who work in tech though. The hero liked the show but I positively lourved it. They even have scrum in there…

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