TGIF: A cup of chai

I haven’t done a TGIF post in a while but I could really use a laugh right now so I finished this draft from a few weeks ago…

The Hero and I have developed a routine since I joined my new workplace. After I drop Chotu at school each morning I stop at The Hero’s office and we share a cup of chai at their kiosk. The Hero loves his morning chai. Sort of like this gentleman here:


You might remember that I’m more of a coffee drinker but the coffee at the kiosk is quite awful. And so:


We each get a cup of tea, I buy a biscuit to go with mine, and we share a few moments of peace.

Source: Times City
Source: Times City

Until disaster strikes, at any rate:


See? That’s what happens when you buy the wrong kind of biscuit!
Parle-G Meme for Saturday

I know, I know…


But hey, these are real first world problems. Mine are ok.


So while I appreciate spending time with The Hero over a cup of chai, I don’t quite agree with this:

Because for me the hierarchy is more like this:

TGIF? I guess! I’m working this weekend. What about you?

Bonus for all my lovely readers:

You are a cutie pie!

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