TGIF! – of New Beginnings

I finally summoned up the courage to resign from my job. The whole process from clicking the button to my last working day (next week)? Two weeks. It’s a big decision not just because I’ve quit a job (that’s like doing away with last season’s clothing in Indian IT) but because I have, for the time being, decided I’m done with “Big IT” which constantly makes me go:


Even before I went on a break I had a certain scenario in my mind which would be the litmus test triggering a resignation. Given the combination of role and office politics, my job would have been sort of like this:


But I still hesitated to resign. I felt like I was overreacting or being childish or even unprofessional/unethical for resigning so soon after coming back. All sort of true and so I felt like this:


When I broke the news to a friend he replied, “Brilliant! What took you so long?” I’d written in my mail that I was not sure what emoticon best expresses what I’m feeling right now. He said, this is what I’m looking for:

I'll could go for it minus the beard
I’ll could go for it minus the beard

Remember the litmus test post and the comments on it? It helped more than you guys can imagine. It was reassuring to know that once in a while, a small incident can tip a major decision and that’s ok. So thank you! Your comments helped me feel less afraid of a bigger decision I was making.

I had what you can call a decent IT job – nothing spectacular but not too shabby either. I was leading a team, learning in bits and pieces, participating in office politics and not doing too badly for myself, I liked my manager, I could see a way up (though not a very quick one). Why couldn’t I just adjust with the things that were pulling me down?

But I couldn’t. And the emoticon sender above (let’s call him Vito in case he reappears on the blog anytime soon) basically said, “You are in a position where you can take a risk and search for what you want. Just do it. Take a pay-cut, check out the options, then make a decision. Just don’t get into a rebound”.

And so, I’m repeating to myself:


All said, I’m now looking for an arranged marriage not a rebound fling. Who better to arrange it than those who know me best? And so lovely readers, you who know me so well, what do you think I should do?

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  1. As Sheryl says in lean in, it always helps to get out of comfort zone and take some risks. I was so inspired by the book that I quit my job of 10 years and made the move. Needless to say I love it. It has also done wonders to my self esteem and confidence.
    So go for it girl. Challenge your self, you will be surprised! 🙂

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