Kiddie Tales: It’s never too early to meet The Doctor

One day, Babu driver was driving a train through a forest. Amma was his helper.

In the middle of the forest they heard someone calling, “Help! Help!”

Amma and Babu went to see who needed help. They saw a large pit with two elephants inside.

Not two, Babu said. There are one, two, thwee, fowr, fowteen, twenty… infinity* elephants inside!

“Oh! Infinite elephants in a finite pit? It’s a Quantum Anomaly!”, Amma said. “Only P-Aunty** can understand it!”.

Amma called P-Aunty who came in and said, “It’s a crack in the fabric of spacetime. Elephants are coming in from the other side. You did the right thing by calling me.”


“Gasp! A crack? Do we need to call The Doctor?”, Amma said.

“P-Aunty is the doctor!”, Babu said.

Yes, indeed. Dr. P pulled out her sonic screwdriver, pushed the elephants back, and sealed up the crack.

Moral of the story?

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

* I taught Chotu the word infinity on a whim. The Hero had gone out of town for a couple of weeks and I wanted him to come back to a kid who said “Infinity”. This is how romance works in The Goddess household.

** Our resident quantum mechanic. We’re still looking for an engineer but she’ll do meanwhile

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