TGIF! – A little web-dev Humour

I spent most of last year leading a web development team (mostly because no one else wanted to do it) and I can safely say I -ing hate Internet Explorer. So when I was reading this Slashdot story on increased security in IE earlier this week (alas! without mod points), I had to send The Hero a screenshot.

The subject said, “Did you get the joke?”

Should have been modded funny.

Click to enlarge if the text isn’t clear. MITM = man in the middle attack. Irrelevant to the joke, though.

C programmer that he is, The Hero replied, “There’s a joke?” To understand what it is, allow me to educate you.

Every web-dev hates IE because of this:

Unfortunately, most corporate customers use IE so we need to go in there and fix all those compatibility issues. But…

Once it does load, IE is like:


Therefore, unless you’re at work and the sys admin is evil…

Don’t feel too sorry for IE. People still do use it.


Which brings us back to…image001

Isn’t it hilarious?


Erm… Oh well, ok then. I guess one more won’t hurt…

Source: reddit

Have a great  weekend everyone! 🙂

Sources: Memecentral and/or WhatsApp forwards unless watermarked.

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