Gone fishing (for memes)…

Not exactly. Just crazy busy at work. How much would you pay me to keep posting so I can quit my job?

Yes, I guessed as much. This then, is the best level of entertainment I’m willing to provide for free!


See you Monday! Meanwhile, Enzoi some old favorites from the archives (all very fun reads after the seriousness of the past few posts):

An old love letter to The Hero

The kind of romance novel I’d write if I ever decided to write one

Why I’ll never be an ad copywriter

Why I broke up with the guy in the next cubicle Could also be part of a new romance series. Hmm… (scribbles in blog diary frantically)

I eat half as much and weight twice what I used to. Those were the days, eh F.D.?

I miss you Prosecco!

I take back that love letter

But his guest post is the best!

How we ended up in Chennai

And yet another link round-up

Finally, this one’s for SS who thinks gay’s a bad word (yes, I know for a fact he’s kidding):

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