Fuzzy Quotes

I’m a little mentally exhausted from the sort of thing I’ve been writing for a while now. Mommy guilt, gay marriage, internet stranger judgment, making a case for cooking, coming up with stories to make Chotu eat, it’s been exhausting. So I’m just going to share a few moments for Chotu’s growing-up log.

Amma: Chotu, can I get a kissie?
Chotu: Yesh! (mwah!)
Amma: Thank you sweetie. How about for Nanna?
Chotu: I had only one kissie and I gave it to Amma!
Amma: Chotu, are your kissies over?
Chotu: No, I have more!
Amma: Where?
Chotu: Umm… In my tummy! (points at tummy with his kutti finger)

Amma: Chotu, did you sleep on the mat in school today? What a big boy you’ve become!
Chotu: I slept on pillow also!

Amma: Chotu, don’t eat paper. Are you a goat?
Chotu: No, Babu is Engine Driver!

Chotu: Nanna is gas cylinder.
Amma: What?
Chotu: Babu coal engine driver. Amma gas engine driver. Nanna is the gas cylinder!

Amma: Chotu, let’s go and play
Chotu: If the green ball is not there I’m not going to come!

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