Domestic inventory management – A master grocery list

Without a list this is what my grocery trips end up becoming:

I’ve been list-less for a while and honestly, I feel sort of vulnerable in a supermarket without one. Don’t ask, it’s one of the quirks that make me so endearing (flutters eyelashes). My master grocery list either fell apart or was torn to shreds by Chotu, I cannot remember which. So I finally decided to make meself a spreadsheet last night. Isn’t that what I spent 30k in business school for? To learn to make fancy spreadsheets?

I was so lost in housewife land that I decided the Tuesday post can wait. Meanwhile, since I spent all the time to redo the list anyway, I figured I might as well put a back-up on “the cloud”. I’m nothing if not obsessive. Go on, roll your eyes. And then take a peek. You know you want to click! It’ll help you lose belly fat without exercise and dieting.

Since I’m a Linux/Libre Office user, I converted my spreadsheet to pdf and made it all pretty-pretty printable for you. The list covers all standard Indian vegetarian cooking inventory, pantry staples, indian spices, basic desi-firangi food ingredients, simple baking staples, and the miscellaneous odds and ends that keep a home ticking.

I’ve been arguing with The Hero that one can never have enough storage in a kitchen (in the context of our new place) and this 150 item list sort of proves my point šŸ™‚

Would you like more housewifey posts? I’m a walking encyclopedia of housekeeping (and cooking) gyan. Seriously!

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  1. Hi there, Just droping in to say hi. Your blog is so great.
    All the stuff I want to hear about as my life changes from chill to (not so )new mom.
    And yes please houswifey posts are so appreciated šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to hear you like my blog. You might regret the housewifey monster you’ve unleashed with your tiny bit of encouragement šŸ˜‰

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