TGIF – of shameless advertising and serious thoughts

For this Friday’s fun, I wanted to see how many self-links I can cram in without forcing things too much (hover on the links for my special notes!). If you’ve read my latest bucket list or even the older one, you know I’m trying to build readership and monetize the blog a bit this year.

Naturally, the metaness in me asks, “Why?” Who reads this blog, anyway? What is the point of a blog? Why do I torture myself with questions about blogging all the time? Do men ever read this blog? Finally, in the coffee shop yesterday, reading a book not on my 2015 reading list, it suddenly struck me why I write five days a week and care so bloody much.

I started the blog on a whim when I was bored and I still am. There wasn’t enough to do online back then (that was way before YouTube cat videos y’all!) and there’s too much to do now. Therefore, I’m still bored.

The feminist forums are too serious. The book reviews are too overwhelming (or cover Danielle Steel), there’s some random political news but just too much of it. There are haikus and beauty blogs and movie blogs and photography blogs and gourmet cooking blogs and contest blogs but where are the normal blogs? Do you remember those? And the honest blogs. How about those? The ones where we talk about what’s real without getting either too politically correct or depressed or sponsored. Why are those so hard to find?

D.A. and I were talking about this yesterday and we had a moment’s silence for Marriage Market. Those were some fun conversations we used to have (comments temporarily hidden because of too much trolling). We’re wondering if we should bring it out of hibernation again. Any takers?

Oh, obligatory TGIF fun, Albert Einstein or Marylin Monroe?

5 Replies to “TGIF – of shameless advertising and serious thoughts”

  1. Hey that is a nice blog about blogging. I feel like that although I started only a year ago but now regular because of the A-Z. My blog is a bit like yours – you know random things about life in general. Some days there is no one who wants to listen and i think that is the best time to blog……so that you have these invisible readers who will listen to you. Not just now but in years to come.
    Now if only I knew how to insert all those little ‘links’ or whatever you call them….it’s very clever.
    🙂 . Happy blogging. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Super simple to insert a link you should have a little icon in your wordpress editor, just select your text, click the icon and boom!

      And yes! Super agree about the invisible readers.

  2. Oh I loved the marriage market blog! I chanced upon it several years ago and read it front to back all in a day I think 😀 Bring it back bring it back!

    1. Aww! Thank you so much! We will! We will! Just waiting for D.A. to clear her busy corporate-boss-lady-in-mnc-bank schedule 🙂

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