TGIF – of Bollywood and miscellany

Have you watched Pretentious Movie Reviews? I loved the one with Hum Saath Saath Hain. Awesomeness! And if that’s not enough, here’s Imaan Sheik’s Buzzfeed review. The entire family’s high on pot magic brownies. Now it all makes sense!

Reading Scribby’s post about her pregnancy made me nostalgic.

I worked till about 38-39 weeks and only stopped because what I’d promised was err… delivered and there wasn’t anything new to pick up in just 10 days. Right until the end I would sit on colleagues’ desks to debug (they got so nervous!) and I gave my entire 2 hr KT session standing (but with a couple of snacks breaks. Priorities!). I was always eating and I was so relaxed that everyone picked up that vibe too. They would joke about my two breakfasts and two lunches and endless snacks. I was only eating home-cooked food at the end and when there was a team lunch they’d keep me company in the cafeteria while I ate before we left. Sigh! Such an awesome team!

I think I miss the eating…

Source: reditt (Hyperbole and a half)
Source: reditt (Hyperbole and a half)

What else, hmm… I guess I’m ready to get back to work even if it’s just so I can wear earrings for more than 10 minutes at a time. My summer shopping. Hey P, remember that list from last year? Do you want an updated version?

Summer baubles

What else? Ummm… I want to finish reading all the Discworld Watch novels by the end of next week so please to expect some more spaced out posts. And Hero, you know what that means. You’ll have the time to get a lot more work done 😉

Chotu earns quote of the week. This was at the beach yesterday when a friend brought her kid.

No share share! Babu will run away and get onto a boat!

Well, at least the kid knows what he wants! Happy weekend, everyone!

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