#Sec66A – Awesome memes and a bit of seriousness

My favourite #Sec66A meme so far (via twitter):

via Twitter @BrainPlumber

Should we celebrate that we have freedom of expression “back”? Or should we step back and wonder why 66A even existed? Whoa! I just sounded like Chetan Bhagat for a moment. But only for a moment because his next tweet was:

So abusing people is no longer illegal. However, it doesn’t make it a nice thing to do. Like breaking hearts. Not illegal. Not nice.

Let we get carried away Lavanya Mohan reminds us of that moment when you realize you can say what you want but your site can still be blocked.

Anyway, time to start showing my face and being more vocal here? #Maybe 🙂

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  1. These are little events that give me faith that our democracy works. Someone filed a PIL and SC scrapped it. All said and done, even common people can and do challenge the people in power here! 🙂

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