Our favourite children’s books

Scribby mentioned on an earlier post that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a favourite with her daughter so I thought I’d share a few more of Chotu’s favourites. I’m excluding Thomas and Friends books from this list because once Chotu outgrows the current obsession I’m going to pretend none of this ever happened 😛

We also started early with his first board book making an appearance at his annaprasan and my sister-in-law sending him Dr Seuss before he was even a year old! The Hero and I use all his cash presents to buy him books so we have quite a large collection already.

Here’s a photo of a baby Chotu reading intently with my dad.

Maybe we should have put pants on him more often in those early days…

Here are 10 of our favourite children’s books (All images from amazon.in):

Hop on Pop – A great book to get kids listening to words. The nonsensical rhyming makes it fun. This is the gift from his aunt pictured above.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar – The illustrations are lovely and the butterfly never gets old


Horns to Toes – A good one to start teaching the basic parts of the body. It’s nice that the book has monsters instead of humans because Chotu now knows for a fact that he doesn’t have a tail and is therefore a boy.


Pajama Time – At 18 months Chotu had to have this book read to him at bedtime. It also helped reinforce the idea that nights are for sleeping. (that days don’t really start at 4 am is another thing altogether)


Go, Dog, Go! – Another book of awesome nonsense. Who doesn’t like doggies?

My first 100 Machines – A little strange but at around 18 months Chotu was learning all about tractors and container ships. The book is too detailed, IMO, but his aunt gave bought it and he loved it. Who am I to object?


I’m a Bunny – Another gift from Chotu’s aunt, this is a book about the four seasons. I love the book but I wish there was a more sub-continental version because, obviously we have no concept of fall/autumn or winter and it can be confusing for little children but the illustrations are so detailed and charming that it’s one of our favourites.


Let’s go for a Drive! – A classic from the Elephant and Piggie series. Chotu has more of them now but this one’s his favourite because he keeps going zip-zap-zoom just like Piggie 🙂


The Musical Donkey – A great one from Tulika. It’s a retelling of the classic Panchatantra story and Chotu loves to sing like a donkey (we all have to pretend to cover our ears and run away) We’ve been buying a lot of Tulika titles now so if anyone’s interested, please leave a comment, I’ll share reviews of the ones we buy each month.


Good Night, Good Night Construction Site – Diggers, cement mixers, dump trucks – what’s not to like? Sheesh! My kid is such a sterotypical boy!

Have you read your kids any of these? Any more titles you’d like to share? Do we share any favourites?

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  1. Awww… am feeling nostalgic!! love the chotu reading with ur papa wala pic… simblyyy awesome!!! I make my little girls read this way too, happy that they have picked up good reading habits 🙂
    Thanks for sharing dear… Tis a lovely post! 🙂

    1. Thanks Archana! That photo of my dad and Chotu is one my my favourites too. There’s just something about pics with grandparents, no?

      I hope Chotu retains this love for books as he grows up and it’s nice to hear that your girls have 🙂

  2. Absolutely loved reading. Really sweet photo. : ). The caterpillar book is so familiar. Children pick up reading and writing quickly when they have been looking at story books from an early age. It’s when they get older that it becomes harder to keep them off all those gadgets and stick to the reading habit.

      1. When they are that little you can choose the books for them , get them to read and you read with them.But as they get older, you can offer the books[ in our case trying desperately to latch on to Roald Dahl], but if their choice is different and not exactly great literature, then you just have to accept it. At least it’s still reading. Oh and beware of all the DS type video games and computer games. With peer pressure it’s very hard to say NO to these gadgets and best to keep it to a minimum…..but you can only try and keep trying. Older they get they have a mind of their own and to maintain the reading habit is a challenge. 🙂

        1. This comment went into spam for some reason, so sorry for the late reply. Oh, the gadgets, I’ve seen them in everyone’s house and we’re trying our hardest to keep Chotu away from them but the real test as you said, will begin once he has his own social life. Ah well… One day at a time…

          1. yes , enjoy it now.Later try to replace some of the gadgets with board games, outdoor activities, some sport, playdates and of course toys 🙂

    1. Chotu’s too little for Noddy. I’m waiting for a year or two. He loves the Pepper and Bruno series but always complains because the dad is never featured in any of those stories!

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