Kiddie Tales – How Ganesha Made the Stars

Everyday, when Sun goes to sleep, Moon comes into the sky to give us light.

One day, Moon was hungry and he wanted to go home and eat something. But when he started to go, everyone stopped him and said, “Moon! Don’t go! We’re scared of the dark”

But Moon was very hungry and he couldn’t wait till Sun woke up again. So, he said, “I’ll call Ganesha. He’ll know what to do!”

Moon called Ganesha and said, “Ganesha, I’m hungry but I can’t go to eat something because people are afraid of the dark. What do I do?”

Rough draft. Still trying to find time for a complete illustration!


Ganesha took a paint-brush and painted stars in the sky. These little stars gave people light and everyone was happy.

Then, Moon went home to eat Dosa. (Chotu modifies that to Moon goes to Adyar Ananda Bhavan to eat Topi Dosa. Perhaps it’s time to make more dosai at home?)

The End!

ps: bonus benefit of this story is that Chotu now knows why Moon can’t been seen on some nights 🙂

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