Indispire #ROUNDROTI – Do round rotis taste better than non-round ones?

Here’s a photo of the last parathas I made. Well, the pulav and raita are more in focus but you can probably make out that the alu parathas are quite round-ish and I assure you, they tasted so good that none were left by the end of dinner.

The Goddess’ Diwali Dinner

As you can see, meals are served in the Goddess household (to friends on Diwali no less) with zero emphasis on aesthetics because a) Who cares? and b) Only the person doing the dishes does. In this case, domestic help. My answer to the roundness question therefore is, “Meh! I only care about the eating”. Still, why settle for the opinion of a mere goddess? Check out what other people have to say when asked this pressing question!

The Culinary Guru:
Round rotis taste better because they definitely cook more evenly. The flame is round and symmetrical and if the roti is symmetrical – not necessarily round – you will not overcook some parts of the roti while leaving edges raw. Also, for optimal formation of gluten strands we need to work the dough with warm water, allow it to rest, then knead it a bit more, then evenly divide the dough into the right number of portions, and only then begin to make rotis. The amount of dry flour used to dust the roti is also crucial as is the temperature of the skillet, and… Anyone still there?

The Feminist:
Who cares what shape the rotis are? It’s more important who made them, how happy the person was with the assigned task, how appreciated the cook was, what meaning was assigned to the rotis by those who consumed them, whether any victims were blamed, whether patriarchy was involved… Sorry, what was the question again?

The Perfectionist:
Rotis are supposed to be round. I’m not exactly sure why that is but as long as that’s the established standard I’m going to have to try and try harder until I succeed. It’s ok if people are waiting hungry at the table and I waste massive amounts of flour and dough. It will all be ok once they get hot, round rotis to eat.

The Pragmatist:
Ok, so round rotis cook better. I’ll roll out my dough and cut it using a plate with sharp edges. Problem solved! That’s simpler than dealing with the idiots who want to analyze every last thing.

Senior Management:
Studies have shown that customer delight is directly correlated with the roundness of rotis. Therefore, roti roundness will be used as a measure of performance for all associates. So far, we are not sure how exactly to measure this because if we introduce a measurement step before roti delivery our bottomline will be directly impacted. However, we will continue to monitor the roti situation and reward employees taking proactive measures to improve all roti metrics through synergestic innovation. Incentives this year will be less than market average due to the seriousness of the roti-roundness situation.

The Soap Opera MIL:
Who said it’s about taste? The shape of the roti reveals my DIL’s lack of character and her poor upbringing. My son has to suffer. My family has to suffer. My family’s reputation is lost due to her bad rotis. Too un-round, too round, too thick, too thin, to large, too small, too puffy, too flat, the complaints are endless. Her mother taught her nothing.

The Blogger:
You see, rotis are a reflection of Indian society. When we all like rotis, we must all be enlightened enough to accept change and move forward. Please like this post. Link to it, comment on it, tweet it, share it, and tell the world how awesome I am! And oh, please click on an ad too…

The FB addict:
Aadarsh Grihnee is making chapatti dough. Has made rotis. Family is enjoying round rotis. 200 photo album shared and liked by 134 extended family members. “U r 2 amazing Adarsh Grihnee!”

The Tweeter:
#RoundRotis are #TheBest reflection of #MaaKaPyaar and #IndianCulture

The Instagrammer:
Oopsie! Green filter makes roti look like goo… 🙁

The Whatsapper:
Guys fresh post. Round rotis are d best. Fwd this msg quickly! 😀

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is to say? In India we can debate anything.

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