TGIF! – All about cushions… And Space!!

Ok, The post was originally all about cushions but look! It’s the 25th anniversary of Hubble! Here’s an awesome article about how much we’ve learned about our universe thanks to Hubble. A great Hubble pic that was also on Slashdot a while ago:

Now, on to regularly scheduled programming (I schedule all my posts the night before so The Hero has a fresh post to read for lunch everyday :-))


The Hero and I have finally decided that a larger space in the suburbs is better than a matchbox in the city. Did you know music teachers mostly teach via Skype these days (head shake) and since we found a non-international school nearby, we decided to go for it.

Now that we’re thinking about decorating our new place, here’s a thought that keeps popping up. Why do we need cushions? Ok, no, the question doesn’t keep popping up. I wanted to make something up so I could post this clip here… Have you watched Coupling? You should, if you can.

On the Slashdot front, I got a virtual kissie from my husband for sharing this story about other weirdos geeks like him who run Linux on a Mac.

On the frivolous front, I discovered this great style blog which has some theories about colours and contrasts as well as the usual makeup picking tips. By discovered, of course, I mean I binge read it one time.

This week’s geeky tidbit: Poe’s Law states that without disclaimers it’s impossible to distinguish a parody of extremism from the real thing. This came up when The Hero and I were debating whether or not the disclaimer was needed on the pimple post.

On the personal front, I’m counting down to my vacation which is starting feb 1st. Yay!

Finally, a rough draft of the illustration for Chotu’s next story. Picture was taken before giving the piece of paper to my coffee-friend at work. Her son loved the story. Yay! I’ll post the story and final illustration here on Monday for my other friends’ kiddos 🙂

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