A divine gift to The Goddess from the Hero (heh! Couldn’t resist)


A fabulous airport read when I was stuck in Hyderabad for 6 hours. Can you believe flights in Chennai were affected by fog? Oh, also, there was a dead animal on the runway.


Did I mention they have a Body Shop outlet in the Hyderabad airport? I love that store but nothing beats good ol’ Indian Biotique 🙂

And my favourite quote of the week (full post here):

As efficient and awesome as you are, everything will take 2x-10x longer than you expect. Factor that in.

A sweet post from my Indiblogger network: A bird, a cookie, and a lesson in love in Paris. We need more cookies so that our sparrows come back!

I love weekends. Just counting down to my break now. Making lots of plans. Any ideas for what I should do with my three months?

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