Politicizing Pooping #ToiletForBabli

The biggest of my bathroom woes is walking into a public restroom and encountering a dirty stall. Or carrying a sanitary pad to the restroom discreetly or disposing of it discreetly. Having studied in an all girls school, l never needed to worry about being secretive about any basic biological functions. l cannot imagine having no bathroom – not for a few hours but as a general feature of my life. It’s insane!

The Corporation recently placed Bio Toilets at a prominent location on Besant Nagar beach in Chennai. This move has drawn a lot of negative comments from residents. “We don’t need toilets here. They should move them near {non posh part of beach}”, the local newspaper quoted a woman as saying. What about the vendors and workers who spend long hours at the beach? Don’t they need a bathroom? As a society we’ve rendered invisible the basic biological needs of entire sections of our population. How many of us give our domestic help access to our bathrooms? Do we even wonder how they manage?

How do little girls manage if they have no access to toilets in their schools? They don’t go to school. Kids don’t get an education because they don’t have a place to pee. Can anything be a bigger shame for us?

As someone coming from a very privileged background (and frequently forgetting it), l likely sound like this dinosaur here. Where did I get the comic? I blame xkcd for my short lived obsession with Dinosaur Comics. 🙂

Note to self: Homework for this weekend is to find a way to support a school.


ps: This post inspired by the Indiblogger Happy Hours.
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