TGIF! – Weekend Reads

I keep sharing links with The Hero through the week as I find something interesting. This week I figured I’d share them here and boost traffic over the weekend with my lovely readers. This week:

Geeky News:

ESA lands on a comet! How cool is that?

Slashdot’s doing a Q&A Rachel Sussman about her Oldest Living Things project. A quick slide show here.

Ladies Only:

Has it started raining pink rose petals yet? Has your husband shown an inability to lift his jaw back up lately? Have the neighbouring teenage boys stopped calling you aunty? No? You should wear the right bra size 😉

Serious Reads:

Who am I kidding? It’s the weekend!

Old Favourites from Simbly Bored:

I have the coolest mother-in-law. Like, ever!

The one time I played agony aunt I did it so well that no one ever wrote back with problems 😉


Photo blog I discovered recently. Thank you kind sir, for liking my posts! I love your blog!

Chotu fans, here’s his latest excavator/digger/backhoe loader obsession in case you want to fulfill your duty as NRI uncle/aunty. window shopping is my latest lunch time relaxation. Doesn’t hurt that they have new collections coming in so frequently.


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