We don’t need no feminism

I really wish we lived in a world where we didn’t need feminism or any other kind of “ism”.

I wish I lived in a world where men respected me for who I am and for what I am capable of instead of judging my income as secondary and my career as a hobby.

I wish I lived in a world where there was no gender bias and women would not have to coach their voices to sound more authoritative.

I wish women would see that the major religions of the world (or a majority of their followers, anyway) have more rules for women than for men and not for good reasons. That “equal but different” is a flawed argument. That making a choice is different from the illusion of choice.

I wish we lived in a world without “girl toys” and “boy toys” and Barbie and the Disney Princess Castle did not exist (there’s no castle for the princes).

I wish child care decisions would be made independent of the gender of the parent and of women did not have to drop out of the workforce only to raise babies. And women knew that the “he makes more than I do” to “she makes more than I do” ratio is skewed forcing more women to drop out than men.

I wish we understood that the discrimination is not blatant anymore. It’s not about not voting or working. It’s about conditioning and the right to make unpopular choices. In India, it’s about policing in the name of culture. In the US, reduced abortion access comes under the guise of morality. But how far is it from restricted access to abortion to the Savita Halappanavar case? How is morality the preserve of women?

I wish the women on “women against feminism” knew what they were protesting against. Feminism doesn’t threaten your feminity. It doesn’t take away your choice. It doesn’t threaten you or judge you. But it does ask tough questions about the reasons behind your choices.

We all still need feminism. What we don’t need are feminists who make us think we don’t.

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  1. Unfortunately for us, there are more women who are MCPs than men. We start spoiling the men folk right from their birth glorifying them to be some kinda killer species who have come to give salvation to the ladiej. What do the say?? Women mcp are more dangerous than the male ones. These women promote the ism- chauvinism in men and feminisim in women and curse the latter. Sigh! My father- let my country awake!!!

    1. Right as always Deepthi. I think change is hard for everyone, even those getting the worst of the deal. Or maybe we’re conditioned to an extent where we don’t realize we’re getting the worst of things. Either way, we need to change!

  2. I would love to live in a world where there was no need for feminism. That would happen only when gender quality is a given and not something to be fought for. Unfortunately we are no where close to that. I agree with you that the discrimination is so much more subtle now especially in the educated middle class, and I think that is as dangerous as blatant discrimination! It is all veiled in BS logic and packaged as “adjustment/compromise”.

    1. So true. That adjustment/compromise b.s. makes me feel as though getting our fundamental rights back is a favour by society. Ugh!

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