The adventures of Tux – I

I wanted to post this series of stories I tell Chotu at bedtime. He loves them and I hope you do too. The hero of these adventures is Tux the Penguin. He’s a penguin because Chotu has only played with two stuffed animals so far – a monkey and a penguin. Making the hero of these adventures a penguin is nice because then I can channel my inner Linux geek and name him Tux 🙂

I’m keeping some of the language I use for Chotu because I want to read stories with him again a few years from now and see how far we’ve come.

So, anyhow, disclaimers done, here we go…

Tux and the Green Ball

TuxOne day, Tux’s Amma gave Tux a new green ball to play-play.

Tux loved his green ball and he would play-play everywhere at home (inti-inti).

One day Tux took his green ball into the park (Chotu calls the balcony his park!) and Tux throw-throw-ed the ball down! It fell Dham!

Then, the doggie who lived downstairs took the ball. Tux was very sad.

The doggie’s master called the doggie and took the ball from him.

Uncle cleaned the ball (Chotu is a neatness freak. Surprising for a 22 month old!) and gave it to Tux and said, “Tux, don’t throw the ball again, ok?”

Tux said “Ok uncle!”.

Then Tux and Amma went down and gave the doggie a bikki (biscuit).

The End

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