Of eternal guilt

Being an Indian woman means carrying an eternal baggage of guilt. We know that.

Guilty if you have a full-time job for leaving your kids behind. Guilty if you’re a homemaker for spending your husband’s money. Guilty if you deviate from tradition. If you wear modern clothes. Have an opinion. Cannot do basic budget saving calculations. Feel hungry before your husband does. Don’t fast on full-moon nights. Heck, you can be held guilty of sneezing at the wrong time.

But there’s a new kind of guilt on the market: Feminist guilt. Tried it? This guilt is reserved for those making choices that may undermine the Cause of Women. Choose to stay home and raise kids? Choose to fast (alone) for Karva Chauth? Choose to compromise on your career for personal reasons? Boom! Guilty of making “unfeminist”choices and abusing “Choice Feminism”. The underlying message is simple. Be a good girl and make the right, feminist choices.

How is this different from being judged by patriarchy? l can’t imagine. ln both cases l have someone dictating terms and conditions based on my gender.

Thoughts ?

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