Raju and Rani

I found this in the blog drafts folder on my laptop. Sometimes, my randomness surprises even myself. Enzoi…

“Oh Raju!”, Rani cried, running into his arms. “I never thought… I never knew…” Raju held her tight in his arms. “Shh!”, he comforted her. “It’s all right now. I’m here. Everything’s ok, you’ll see”. He didn’t know if it was himself he was reassuring more than her.

Had it really been five years since…? It seemed like a lifetime ago that they had been together, so blissfully happy together until it had all been taken away. His muscles clenched in anger as he remembered the events of five years ago. But he would not let that take away their happiness today. Not after all they had been through.

Rani rested her head on Raja’s strong, masculine chest and embraced him tightly. She could feel the strong muscles ripple beneath his shirt and she inhaled his strong, masculine strength. She couldn’t believe it had been five years since the fateful day when the nightmare had begun. But it was all over now. They had to get past it somehow. They deserved this second chance fate had given them. She could feel his muscles tighten. Instinctively, she stroked his chest, soothing him, calming him. She needed him. She knew he needed her. Didn’t he?

Raju held her tight in his arms. His chin resting on the top of her head. A perfect fit. As it had always been. He inhaled the sweet fragrance of her hair and thought about how everything had once been so perfect. Everything about her was perfect. It was as though they had been designed for each other. Yet, they had allowed fate to take it all away. No, he vowed silently. He would never let anything come between them again.

As he held her, something stirred deep within him. Without moving, he stroked her hair and looked into her eyes. Nothing had changed. She was looking at him with her large, trust-filled eyes. But her eyes were brimming with tears. And he knew he was the cause of those tears. How could he have…? Could he ever make up for it?

“I’m sorry, Rani”, Raju said. “I’m the one who promised to take care of you. And I…” Overcome by emotion, he could speak no longer. “Shh!”, it was her turn to comfort him now. Her heart tore looking at the hurt in his face. “It’s all over now. We both said things we regret. It’s all over now.” She comforted him softly. She could hear his heart beat through the thin t-shirt he wore. She pressed her body against his. Her feminine curves moulding softly into his strong physique. She could feel his masculinity stir. And…

I wonder if, with practice, I could start writing cheesy, romantic novels… What say?

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  1. Lol.. It’s orderline erotica no? A lot of times when I read these novels, I just flip pages randomly to escape the exotica.. 🙂 (or to just read it!). My only problem with them is why is it that always the heroine is a person devoid of ambition and profession and hero is always an alpha male- and rich at that!????? Oh- and even if the heroine is a ‘career oriented working class’ girl, her probems are always better solved by the hero than themselves. Sigh!

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