Here’s a story

Once, the animals in the woods wanted to have a singing contest. The monkey, lion, cat, dog, koyal, donkey, and elephant all gathered under a big tree. All the animals wanted to participate and they were very happy.

Then Elephant said, “If we all sing, who will be the judge?” All the animals became sad because they couldn’t have a contest without a judge.

Just then, Chotu and his dad came along. Chotu’s dad was wearing him in a baby carrier and now that Chotu was grown up, he was facing the front. The animals asked Chotu, “Will you be our judge?” Chotu’s dad said yes.

So they started singing.

“Oop oop!”, sang Monkey.

“Roar roar!”, sang Lion.

“Bow wow!”, sang Dog.

“Meow meow!”, sang Cat.

“Coo coo!”, sang Koyal.

“Hee haw!”, sang Donkey.

“Hrumph!”, sang Elephant.

Then Chotu said, “Baa gaa goo bleh!” “What does that mean?”, asked the animals.

“It means he’s sleepy”, said Dad. Dad started singing to Chotu and Chotu fell asleep.

“Chotu’s dad is the best singer of all!”, said the animals happily and they all went off to play.

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