2013 Resolutions

One: I want to try and read two books a month but I’ll settle for even one. I also want to think about the book once I’m done reading it and blog about it.

Two: I want to be able to take off Sunday afternoon at least twice a month and go to the spa, the beach, the mall, the coffee shop, the temple, anywhere. Just go somewhere by myself and get some quiet time. Baby will be just fine πŸ™‚ The baby will be more than fine because mom will be happier!

Three: I will stick up for myself more often. And learn how to do this gracefully and with minimal drama. I also want to learn to not let situations get to the drama stage. It’s only recently that I’ve realized how little warning I give before exploding. I want to change this. (Note to self in February: How? A lowered threshold is still a threshold innit?)

Four: I will make sure I’m always well groomed, have well fitting clothes (I will lose 7-10kg this year) and will not wait for the unattainable “next 5 kilos” before acknowledging I’m well on my way to being a fitter and more toned version of myself. And I will not wait till I’m thinner before chucking out my maternity clothes and getting some new ones.

Five: I will love my baby and do everything I can do for him but I will not let being a mom turn me into a spoilsport or un-fun person. I will remember that the baby wants fun as much as I do. He will be fine if I take him out for a walk in the evening without a cap. He will be fine if he travels a little once in a while. He will be fine if his routine is disrupted sometimes for good reason. He will be fine if he sleeps for a few hours while his parents have a quiet evening. More than anything else, he will be fine if we don’t play with him and stimulate him every waking minute. He will be fine because there are a lot of people who want to take care of him. Mom doesn’t have to meet every single one of his needs. She cannot. She should not. She will not. She will let Dad and grandparents do what they want to as well.

Six: I will understand that when someone helps, they will do things their way. It may not be the way I like but it doesn’t matter. The job needs to get done.

Seven:Β I will try my best not to be agitated when people say things I do not like. Yes, they’re wrong but they will never be convinced that they are and it’s not my job to convince them. I will also not want every person to agree with my decision before making it.

Eight: I will “sacrifice” career for music this year and find out how much talent I really have.

Nine: I will learn to speak Tamil

Ten: I will post these resolutions on a page on this blog and read them everyday.

Bonus: I will read lots of glossy magazines and not feel guilty about the money and trees wasted πŸ˜›

9 Replies to “2013 Resolutions”

  1. Glad to find out someone thinks alike..
    I often feel guilty that I am not playing with my kiddo when I am back from work when all I want to do is lie down πŸ˜€

    1. I’m programming myself already “I’m working for him too. not just myself.” given how much The Hero makes, we cannot afford to give him everything we want to if I don’t work. Plain and simple!

  2. True that! Its not easy raising kids these days..I also need to learn point# 3 you have mentioned..I always end up bursting out even when it is not required..

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