The List

Ok, here’s a quick list of things I’ve been wanting to write about. I’m not going to have time to write one post on each of these right away but you can enjoy the list (and add to it if you like!)

  • If you don’t share genes, don’t share advice
  • Yes, it’s a medical condition. No, it’s not a disease.
  • My tummy hasn’t grown big enough to interfere with my brain. I can still think for myself, thanks.
  • The second person I’m eating for only weighs 100g right now
  • No, having a child doesn’t make you an expert on child care. Can we just generally chat about parenting?
  • I can still walk, thanks.
  • What does one have to do to ensure their kids don’t grow up to be as annoying as those in TV ad’s?
  • Can we measure love and affection in something other than calories?
  • No, I really don’t need more guilt. Thanks for offering, though.
  • I’m still a person and I do plan to stay one after baby arrives.
  • No, it wouldn’t bother me if my baby turns out to be dark complexioned. I still do/don’t plan to eat that.
  • Where’s the XXL section?

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  1. * You’ve really only had one kid. How does that make you a knowledge bank? Grand mothers are better. Atleast they’ve had half a dozen each

    1. My observation is that the more kids a woman has had the more relaxed her attitude towards parenting is because they know it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each kid needs something different and unfortunately, moms are not given mind reading powers the moment they deliver a baby. They (we?) just have to stumble along and learn…
      Now if someone could convince those tv ad ppl…

  2. I give expert advice on child care even without having a child!!!! Yes, I know its annoying. I’m trying to control and I must say I’m succeeding in just minding my own business no matter how much a child is howling. Really, mother knows best.

    1. Ah, much as I don’t want to endanger my limited readership I have to say, “Please don’t do that…” not unless you share at least 25% of your genes with the kid in question…

  3. Really, mother DOES NOT know the best. But she tries her best. Oh, ok.. sometimes she does not even try her best. But she is still the BEST .

    Thanks for making me think. I should do a blog post on the above πŸ˜€

  4. I’ve always found it disconcerting to hear the size of the baby in the womb being compared to fruits by docs…
    month 1 – pea
    month 2 – potato
    then apple. then avocado. then watermelon.. then baby?

    1. Never heard that from my doc, thankfully. But I do read it in all pregnancy books/sites. I wish they could at least do a bit of evolution. From pea to tadpole to maybe a tiny kitten to small orangutan to human? I mean, baby the size of a cabbage? Seriously?

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