Have you been redirected to “country specific blog URL’s” on a certain blogging platform that’s run by a company that tries to do no evil? Yes?

Have you wanted to play ostrich until certain politicians and judges in your country learned just a little bit more about how the internet works?

Have you been following the news about writers being harassed with fabricated death threats and books being censored?

Are you reminded of all those movies that you never got to see because it annoyed a religious idiot in some corner of the country and this idiot threatened to set himself on fire over a movie of all things?

Are you starting to feel claustrophobic and walled in even as you have more bandwidth?

Do you need to flash your ID to spend 10 minutes browsing at an internet cafe?

Do you realize I would be liable for comments that you post because this is my blog and I own this domain?

Should bloggers start turning on comment moderation, then? Should bloggers start toning down their content so they’d be accessible in all countries, especially those where people worship easily offended Gods and easier-ly offended people?

What does free speech mean?

What is a government that panders to the basest sentiments of people worth in the largest democracy in the world?

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