Summer Reading (and reading in general)

I seem to have lost patience with reading fiction lately. But I have been reading quite a bit of non-fiction these last few days. And if you promise not to judge, I’ll talk about what I’ve been reading. 🙂

Anyway, is anyone else interested in doing a once-a-in-a-while post about the books you’re reading? I know for sure that eep blogs about the books she reads. Anyone else interested in doing a post once a week or so? It’s a good way to pick books that aren’t popular enough to get on the NYT bestseller list (or soft porn on the Kindle free downloads list)

For people in India, I’ve tried Flipkart and I like their prices and service. For those stuck in smaller towns without good bookstores, it’s a blessing. You order the books online, they send them via Bluedart and you can pay cash when you receive them. I know it sounds like an advertisement, and they should be paying me for this, but seriously, given the limited entertainment options in Vijayawada and the agony of being stuck with a swollen jaw, books help!

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  1. Oh good good, I’m looking forward to this.. I like to post about my books after I’m done with it, and given my long-suffering reading habit (courtesy the TV), I don’t know if I can post once a week.. But will certainly keep posting as and when. Looking forward to reading yours !

    Oh and yes, I love flipkart too!

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