Making a Difference

It’s election time again. It’s time for all those in India to register, get a vote, get a voice and speak out.

Don’t say you don’t think there’s anyone worth voting for. It was political and bureaucratic will that built Bangalore and Cyberabad and the rest of India as much as it was the spirit of the entrepreneur and all the rest of it. Remember that you have no right to complain about bad roads and poor infrastructure and power cuts in the summer if you don’t think it’s worth your while to vote.

If the economy looks gloomy, go vote! If you think there’s too much corruption, go vote! If you think a little corruption is worth the price of development, go vote! If you think you’re an Aam Aadmi, go vote! If you think there’s opression of the lower classes, go vote! If you think Mumbai is full, if you think the moral police suck, if you think there’s too much terrorism, if you think the railways are something to be proud of… Go vote!

Everyone gets a voice, the socialist, the so called opressed minority, the actually opressed minority, the majority, the Hindu, the Muslim, the Aethist, the maid, the auto driver, the CEO… Everyone gets a vote!

The more I think about the world and the state it’s in, the more I fret about unemployment and oppression and illiteracy and global warming, the more I realize I can’t be a passive observer anymore. I know, some day I will end up working for a non-profit. Maybe make money maybe not. But I feel I cannot bring myself to watch from the sidelines anymore.

It’s ironic, sad and kind of hypocritical to sit thousands of miles away and urge people to vote, I guess. But I assure you, I did my best to get a voter ID when I was back in India. And suddenly, bureaucracy interfered and no one was able to figure out of it’s my parents’ home I need to register from or my in-laws’… Yet another reason to go fight for the ID and vote. I wish I was back in India right now…

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