Environment Day

I wake up every morning and I realize that the world is bigger than the one I live in. All of a sudden, work, academics, the daily routine and even marriage don’t seem to be as important anymore.

Up until a few weeks ago, when I looked outside the window, I could always see something that made me smile. Despite the traffic and the pollution, the noise and the inconsideration and the blowing up of ancient rocks and the destruction of trees, there would always be someone who behaved like we believe all human beings should all the time and restore my faith that the world is not as bad as it seems.

But somehow, I’ve lost that faith in the world now. Perhaps I’m a little too bitter and cynical for my own good. Perhaps too much.

I read this in the news this morning and it just makes the day seem worse.

And I wonder about the world we’re creating for ourselves and for future generations. A world where our own transport needs are greater than the need for trees by the roadside. Where everyone takes a short sighted view of the world. Where cows die from eating plastic bags. And thousands of cars are added to the roads each day… And I wonder what we’re trying to do and where we’re headed and it seems overwhelming.

Perhaps its not our job to judge others. Perhaps its just our job to do the best we can. To not waste food, to not use plastic bags, to not put convenience over what’s right. That seems difficult enough. I wonder if that world view will help…

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  1. it depresses me to see people driving by themselves through mumbai streets. people using plastic frivolously, refusing to recycle and totally ignorant of the mega carbon footprint they leave will only create a living hell for generations to come

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