Difference Between Georgette and Chiffon

One search term that constantly turns up on my blog stats is “difference between georgette and chiffon”. There is no real information in the post that gets thrown up by google. So let me be a good netizen and post some relevant content… And also show off my newly acquired knowledge. 😛

Georgette and Chiffon are two types of fabric (duh!) that are used to achieve a flowy, princess like effect. While that sounds cute. There are a few pointers to remember…

Georgette is a weave that twists the yarn. And because of this, the fabric has a springy feel to it. Chiffon is more net like.

Georgette is thicker. So you can trust it to hold heavy work. Chiffon, I am not sure. I would not experiment with a work on chiffon sari.

And most important, georgette drapes well. So does chiffon, of course. But being more transparent, chiffon saris are recommended only for women with toned, perfect midriffs worth exposing. Chiffon saris are meant to be single layer transperant pallu. So be sure you want that. Doesn’t matter what the colour is, it will still be very net like and see through.

Chiffon is lighter though. Georgette saris would stay in place better than chiffon because they’re heavier.

I’m biased towards georgette. Please excuse… 😛

And oh! Since both fabrics can be woven from silk and polyester, ensure that you touch the material and be sure you’re not being cheated…

Is this information enough?

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  1. Well… I kinda have a thing for my wife wearing georgette… it comes out that much stylish…. chiffon is well…. it feels kinda weird.. although it is recommended for summer months

  2. Thank you – exactly the information I was looking for. Georgette is what I need for a flowing, feminine evening gown. Appreciate your help!

  3. thank you for giving the information i needed but it will be more appreciated if you also includes the structure en composition… anyways thanks!!!!

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