After Mumbai

After Mumbai

A number of thoughts arise… Are molesters beginning to believe that there’s safety in numbers?

Should some men be subjected to being groped and abused in public?

Should senior police officials be given a feel of what it’s like to be verbally and physically abused?

Is this the crime of the season?

Are these men really so desperate?

Can we pass a legistlation that prohibits drunk men from being out on the streets just for the heck of it?

Will the safety of women become such a concern for us that we will not be allowed to step out of home anymore?

What would happen if we continued to kill baby girls and the gender ratio became (a realistic possiblity) 2 men for every woman or more?

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  1. We live in a society of hypocrites. For a society that prides itself on respecting females, all the female members of families are reduced to do household chores. A boy child is always preferred over a female child. I never came across couples who continued to have kids hoping for a girl child in INDIA. And I have forgotten how shameless people get when it comes to dowry issues. I have seen people haggling over Dowry issues. First change this attitude before we can think of groping males.

  2. @vishnu
    The reality on the streets may be a symptom of something that’s deeply wrong with our psyche which i agree needs to be corrected over time…

    But there’s a hindi saying that I like. Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante 😛

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