I guess it’s kinda old news. But it’s something that never ceases to make me indignant. It’s kids! How can you make toys toxic?

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2 thoughts on “Kids”

  1. Lol good one 😀
    I am just waiting to see some article (of course yellow journalism) by some “ambitious” american journalist, that it’s china’s consipiracy to poision young American kids, so that their brain does not fully develop, leading to a greater dependency on China for work.

  2. @anonymous
    good angle.

    of course, if no one tested those toys, they would not have been recalled in the first place! wonder how many have been sold already…

    i would like to give it an VHP angle too… americans do not care if their kids are poisoned, and they are selling those poisonous toys in the indian market corrupting our children and putting traditional toymakers out of work… come to think of it, it’s not too VHP. I buy that logic myself… 😛

    but wonder why barbies and barbie effigies have not been banned already…

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